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Monday creativeness :-)

My boys and I were confined to the house today (Markus has scarlatina, and is still infectious!) so we did some drawing with stencils and then turned on the ipod. Whenever Markus hears his cds (mostly sent to us by "Aunty Cake" ie my sister Kate!) he runs to the cupboard and gets out the box of percussion instruments. And away we played, Patrick mostly chewed on his maraca!


Mark Kermode, Simon Mayo and Viola Jokes!

I love the film review podcasts on radio five live with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo. Today I am catching up on the backlog, listening to the 10th year anniversary podcasts.

This podcast features film scores played by the BBC Philamonic. At 24:37 in, it features some viola jokes, which made me roar with laughter, and startled Patrick :-) Disclaimer, dear reader, I was a viola player! I wrote about viola jokes here and here.

There is nothing nicer than curled up with baby, breastfeeding and listening to podcasts!

Lullabies and tears

Given that I am still slightly hormonal and teary occasionally, when considering my little lad, it still amazes me that I cry each time I listen to the lullabies on our "Wee baby sings" CD.

When I rock my baby and sing along to him, trying to get him to sleep, I feel most like a mother and I hear my mother singing to me. It is a lovely, bittersweet feeling. And my tears refresh me.

Bach for Christmas

Work does lots of employee offers, most of which I ignore. However, a 5 concert abo to the Tonhalle Orchester seemed to good to pass up! Tonight was the first concert and was very Christmassy:

3 Christmas Cantatas, J.S.BAch

"Süsser Trost, mein Jesus kommt"
"Unser Mund sei voll Lachens"

The inside of the Tonhalle is beautiful, rococo, over the top architecture, huge organ and great acoustics. I went, sat, enjoyed the music and generally reflected on life, the universe and everything!

New York Philarmonic

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Today after a horrible, horrible, stressful day at work, I went to the CS sponsored concert at the Tonhalle with the New York Philarmonic. It was short concert of chamber music from Beethoven, Debussy and Mozart and it was wonderful. I invited 2 friends and saw quite a lot of CS colleagues at the apero afterwards. The small hall of the Tonhalle is gorgeous - over the top Baroqueness! I must make an effort to go to more classical concerts there, music used to be such a bit part of my life :-)

BEETHOVEN Serenade in D major for Flute, Violin, and Viola, Op. 25
DEBUSSY Syrinx for Solo Flute
MOZART Quartet No. 1 in D major for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Cello, KV 285


Slobby Sunday

Today I am slouching round the house, even though it's beautiful weather outside, doing a virtual clean up - money, flickr, lj entries, emails, etc

And I am having fun playing with my new iPod speakers which I bought in duty free on the way home on Thursday. I even have a remote control, so that I can operate it without moving from my bed.

And yes, I am still listening to Madness. I met a (swiss) friend yesterday, who had never heard of Madness. And then I made the mistake of trying to explain how people dance to Madness - particularly men, especially drunk men, and above all, drunk men at parties.... She didn't get it - is this just a british thing??

And in other news. mr.ncot has been away nearly 3 days now. I thought I would be (slightly) pining, but actually, I am really enjoying having the flat to myself, so there!

Sunny Saturday

2008_05_03 GardenTime
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Sunny, summer weather just makes *all* the difference, doesn't it?!

Today I did a quick house clean, unpacked and did all my washing

Then I downloaded all 358 of my UK photos - these need a bit pruning

And finally I got into town. Bought some CDs from my favourite second hand music shop - Divine Madness by Madness, Now that's what I call quite good by The Housemartins.

And now I'm sitting in the garden having an eighties flashback with Bob the iPod! More blogs to come...
stripy too

A stripy original

I found this Pet Shop Boys Classic in the second hand CD shop last week. A bargain at 7 chf and the original stripy design! I had the tape when I was a teenager and listening to it now on CD brought my A levels flooding back!


Bob the baby iPod

Bob iPod Nano Palmer, 23.09.2006, 40g

I am very pleased to announce that Bob (the baby) iPod came into the world today at 10am, delivered by the stork Postman to my letterbox. Thank you to mhchipmunk for christening him with me (via lj comments the other evening!)

He weighs 40g, has an 8GB brain and his vital statistics are 90mm x 40mm x 6.5mm.

Bob is beautiful and now also has lanyard headphones and a silver freitag cover. Hs is being loaded with music as we speak.

To honour the occasion, I have created a new user pic of the engraving on his back!

All My User Pics Here!

Long live Bob!

Bob the baby iPod, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.