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In which my parents come to stay & it rains solildly for 2 weeks!

My parents just left after visiting for 2 very rainy weeks - I don't think we saw the sun!

But the boys loved having them and tried in vain to teach them Uno and some more complicated games :-)

We visited the Glass factory at Hergiswil, went on a boat on lake Lucerne, stayed on a farm in Entlisberg, visited Luzern - we saw the Chapel Bridge, the KKL, the Transport museum.

Not sure who was more tired at times - my parents or the boys!

All photos here

Mags, Minions & Marathon Tracking!

We had a lovely weekend with "Aunty" Mags, even if both boys kept forgetting her name :-) "Mummy, what's that big girl's name again?"

The boys adored her and there were fights as to who was allowed to sit next to her at mealtimes. Mummy was a second best choice!! The weather was horrible, so we spent time making cardboard cut out minions (present from Mags), playing Uno, we went for brunch in the rain and on Sunday afternoon we watched the London marathon on TV and tracked Amit all the way round to victory!

All photos here

Chris and Drew come to stay...

Last time Uncle Chris and Drew came to stay was way back when in December 2013 - Chris and I swam across the Limmat river, we all went on the steam train into the forest to meet Father Christmas and a great time was had by all.

This time the boys got on just as well. Chris, Drew, Markus and I got the cable car up to Felsenegg and then walked the 6km (very slowly!) back to the top of the Uetliberg, where Alan and Patrick were waiting. We also got the boat to Rapperswil (in blazing sunshine), had a lovely lunch in the sun, then went to Knies Kinderzoo. It was a lovely weekend!

More photos here

Sal comes to stay and it snows!

The snow finally came in time for Sal's visit. We had a snowy trip up the Uetliberg and an epic snowball fight, winners and losers all got hot chocolate in the cafe at the summit!

We tried to take Sal for fondue, but there was a riot in the centre of town, so we had to settle for sausages instead. And the boys loved having a different story teller in the evening!


Jenn and Drew come to stay

We had a lovely long August weekend with Jenn and Drew. All three boys got on really well most of the time. Drew was very keen on opening and closing all manners of doors (flat, building, gate, tram) and Markus was not so happy about this division of labour, so Jenn and auditioned for the diplomatic corps all weekend!

In the meantime, the three boys had a great time. We did padding in the badi, picnic lunch and ice creams by the lake. Brunch at a nice restaurant with lots of green and petting animals all around. We visited the airport and waved at planes. Went to the toyshop (for Drew) and the chocolate Shop (Spruengli for Jenn!) We made pizzas, had a pirate pizza tea, told stories, played nicely with the ipad.

In between times Jenn , Alan and I ate well, drank well and tasted whisky. Perfect :-)

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My Parents visit Zurich, finally!

Once I realized that the last time my parents had come to stay was last June, I have been nagging them to visit again :-)

They chose a beautiful, hot summer weekend in Zürich and we all had a ball. We took the boat down the lake, then paddled at the badi and ate ice cream. We celebrated Patrick’s birthday with a teddy bears picnic on the lawn outside and then made pirate costumes!

My Dad spent a lot of time on the floor playing trains, or telling stories. My Mum helped me with the cake. And my poor hubbie revised all weekend for his MBA exams.

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Visitors from down under!

Caro is my oldest friend - we grew up together, went to primary school together, spent years in guides together. She moved to Australia in 2004, the same year we came to Switzerland. We visited her in Sydney in November 2004 and she came to Zurich in Feb 2008 and then in September 2010.

This weekend, she brought new hubbie Jamie to meet us, since we can't get to their wedding party. To celebrate, I made them a wedding cake and we had lots of fun together in Zürich - we even got out for drinks and a dinner, thanks to our kind babysitter Claire.


Chris and Drew come to Zurich :-)

My "little" (6ft!) brother Chris brought his son Drew (4.5years) to stay with us in Zurich. The flat was a little cramped (three boys in the bedroom, Chris on the sofa in the lounge), but it was a great weekend. The last proper sunny weekend of the summer.

We took the train to the airport to visit the kids playground and lounge, then had lunch in a restaurant built around a real plane! Chris had brought Markus a red balance bike and the boys played in the garden. Markus followed Drew around like a little shadow, in awe of his big cousin :-) We took a boat ride on Lake Zurich and had a picnic in the park. We made gingerbread man and decorated them. A very special weekend!



Patrick's Christian / Buddhist Blessing

first row, l to r P with Claire, Admiring his cake with Karen (cake decorator extroadinare), P with Sal
second row, l to r P with Godmother Mags, P with Godfather Chris (P in the family chistening gown), P with Papi and Kerry
bottom row, l to r Family and friends in our flat, Shogan blesses P with water, P with Godmother Irene

Posted a month late, but here are the photos of Patrick's Blessing, which took place on June 16th 2012.

There is an african saying - It takes a village to raise a child - and this weekend we had our whole family together, blood family, UK family, Zurich family. We felt blessed by everyone who came to celebrate Patrick's blessing with us. My parents, Alan's sister Irene, Chris and Kate, Sal with Ish, Mags, Kerry, Katie, Young family, Alison Cutler and family, my friend Jill who again hosted our apero in her Jalle studio.

Friday evening my Mum, Dad, Sal, Ish, Irene and Mags arrived. They didn't all stay with us, but we did have an impromptu little gathering in the flat. Lots of lasagne, red wine, gossip. perfect.

The Blessing took place at 2pm on Saturday. We met at the Zendo (Buddhist temple) round the corner, where Alan regularly meditates. His priest Shogan led the blessing, assisted by my sister Kate, who bonged various bells and read teh christian liturgy. The blessing lasted about 20 minutes and was a mixture of both faiths. We named Patrick, blessed him with water, named his three godparents and chanted.

Afterwards we had to walk into town in the blazing sun, meeting the Gay Pride festival along the way! I had ordered food and bought prosecco, wine etc and we all met at Jill's gorgeous studio. Toasts, food, cutting christening cake, perfect. Chris and Kate left in the evening to return to the UK, Irene returned to Dublin. The rest of us went to our local italian restaurant, my Mum kindly babysat for Ish, Markus and Patrick. We came home to find both Patrick and my mum curled up asleep on the sofa!

Sunday was brunch at Imagine with my parents, Sal and Ish, Mags. Very chilled. Sunday afternoon we opened presents and gradually everyone left and returned home. It was so lovely having everyone together in one place. For Markus we tried to have one ceremony, but the icelandic volcano wrecked our plans (April 2010), so we had two ceremonies, one in Zurich in May and then one in London in June 2010.