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Entries by tag: running

Hard core running

Yesterday I tweeted about how wonderful it was to run in winter, with proper snow. Blah blah blah. I spoke too soon. Tonight I went for run after the boys were in bed, leaving home at 8pm. Dark, cold, sleet and slushy underfoot.

Halfway round I stepped into a deep icy-cold puddle and soaked both feet right through :-( I squelched the rest of the way round in a damp state!

And yet I felt better for having done the run. I was so tempted to stop in, but I went out anyway. That has to be the nastiest running weather ever, so I have no excuse for any other evening. I am proud of myself. Every time I go out for a run, I prove my commitment to myself.


Lovely Advent weekend

This has been a lovely weekend - Markus and Patrick met Samichlaus at our local supermarket, I made mincepies, it snowed lots, I ran in the snow and started my christmas shopping in the lovely Pastorini toy shop. Saturday evening one lovely friend babysat for us and Alan and I went for a belated thanksgiving celebration with my other lovely friend. Lots of good food, conversation and drink :-)

Advent (2) Advent (4) Advent (1) Advent (3)

Things to look forward to...

* My sister coming to stay from Dec 19th - 24th, lots of pre christmas excitment and Aunt Cake silliness

* 2 nights away at the Schweizerhof Lenzerheide with mr.ncot and the boys - seriously cannot wait!

* Running the Silvesterlauf (8.6km around Zurich) with friend Kerry, whilst our three small boys cheers us on - Mr.ncot is in charge of Team Palmer/Black and their supporters

* Eddie Izzard gig in Zurich next April 27th - my sister is coming to stay again :-)

* 2 weeks off over christmas and time to do some christmas crafts and cooking with the boys, plus establishing our own family traditions!

* My friend Mags coming to stay for a weekend in January

* Visiting friends in Unteriberg in January

Running to the Archers

My dear friend Karen recently reintroduced me to the daily 13 minute radio addiction which is The Archers. I used to listen religiously when I lived in London, but got out of the habit. I have discovered that 13 minutes is just long enough for my daily run to the Kinderkrippe and the signature tune has the perfect rhythm for my running!

In other news, I have signed up to do the Silvesterlauf on Dec 16th - it's 8.6km around Christmas-sy old town Zürich. I ran it in 2006 in 51 minutes and the atmosphere was terrific. This time around I am looking forward to having my boys cheering me on. Run Mummy, run!


Evening running

2012_11_17 by nice_cup_of_tea
2012_11_17, a photo by nice_cup_of_tea on Flickr.

I am so enjoying getting back into my running again. This week I have been walking home from work, changing into running gear, then running to Kinderkrippe to pick up the boys, it takes me about 17minutes to get there :-)

This evening I did my normal "long" run of 8km. This is the beautiful twilight view of the common land beneath the uetliberg that I run across. I mostly ran, but walked some and came home in 59 minutes, feeling good.

Thanks to friend K and our weekend away, I have rediscovered the joy of the archers - the daily podcast is going to be a constant running companion I think :-)


Video - Crossing the line

You gotta love swiss efficiency. Here's a video clip of Sal and I crossing the finishing line of the Greifenseelauf 10k.


We look in good form, I look up excited as our names and finishing times flash up on the bridge overhead. Then just watch my face crumple into pain as I actually cross the line!


My goal for the Greifenseelauf today with bestest mate Sal was to run the whole 10K and to overtake at least one man (they started 5mins before us). We overtook 4 and I didn't walk, not even up the hills. Up the one long hill, I just chanted to myself "run fat bitch, run!" The weather was great, cool, grey, with a little drizzle. A week ago I really doubted I could run it, but did 3 runs last week. I am so proud of myself. Here are our results

10K in 1hr 14m 30s
1213 out of 1262 women in the 10K
366 out of 384 women in my age group (30-40)
If I am tempted to think about how slow I was, I remind myself that out of running, fit 39 year olds, I rank quite low, but against all women of 39 years, I am doing just fine! I can run a 10K whilst working 80%, and after having 2 kids! I am proud to still call myself a runner.

Sal was very generous, ran at my (very variable!) pace and kept me running, even up the hills. Just to put it into context, she runs 1hr 10Ks and has done a 10K in 56 minutes :-)
Oh, and Sal is this Sal, and she is doing Comrades again in 2015 - I will be there!

We haven't run a race together since London in 2000 and it was a great experience. Our treat is going to the Zurich spa tomorrow!

The last time I ran the Greifenseelauf in 2006 it was in 1hr 3mins
409 out of 647 women in the 10K
112 out of 189 in my category (women in their 30s)
Amazing to see how much the race has gone!
more here
Previous running history here

Learning to run again

I made a revelation today. I managed to run my standard route (just over 4 miles, 53.27) and actually found a comfortable pace. Instead of listneing to music, which means I alter my speed according to the song (without realizing) I listened to a podcast. I was suitable distracted and managed to slip into an easy pace which I could keep up. PLUS I didn't stop or walk once.

My best mate Sal arrives on Friday afternoon and our run is on Saturday - go us! It won't be the fastest 10k for me, but I will run all the way!

Multitasking indeed - stimulation for mind and body!


A question of control

I have come to realise that there are some things I can control, and some things I can't. Not a startling revelation I know, but significant to me :-)

I can't control the situation at work (bad time to work in banking)

I can control what I eat and drink. I can make more sensible choices which will help me to lose weight. I need to be honest about what has been going on. Eating too much, eating and drinking too much of the wrong things, eating when I have not been hungry. Less puddings, pringles and red wine. These are short term pleasures which do not help me in the long term. And actually, the short term pleasure is hardly worth it either. I realise that I have been eating out of boredom / desperation / to stave off doing something about how I feel about things. I am responsible for what goes into my mouth. No one else to blame but me.

I can control my running - I can get out of the flat, put on my trainer, and run slowly for an hour. And each time I do this, it is a revelation to me that I feel better at the end, than at the beginning. This decision that I make each time, makes me focus on the longer goal (10k in September) and proves to me that I can achieve something, that I do hold myself accountable to myself. As I run, I think - well, I've had two kids, only been a year since Patrick and I so I run slowly, but so what... As I run, I focus selfishly on myself and it feels great.

I can control whether i take the time and space to blog. I have said it so many times before, but it's still true - writing makes me feel better. I feel better for getting stuff out of my head. I enjoy reading the posts some time later. And I cannot believe i have been blogging on livejournal now for 7 years. Unbelievable.

So I will put my energies into the things I can control and go with the flow with the things that I can not control (at the moment).

Run, run, as fast as you can...

.... you can catch me, cos I run much slower than the Gingerbread man!

I am thrilled to have managed three runs this week, Monday, Thursday, Saturday - each time on my 4.6 mile (about 7.5 kilometre) circuit and each time without stopping /walking. Still running slowly, but I am moving forward!

I have ten weeks to go before the Greifenseelauf 10K on 22nd Sept and I want to enjoy the race, and finish not too far off 1 hour. Always good to have a goal :-) The last time I did the race was in 2006, in 1 hour 3 minutes. Plus, bestest mate Sal (she of the terrifying double comrades marathon in South Africa) is coming over to do it with me! The running project after that is the Silvesterlauf in Zurich in December, 8.6km and hoping my sister will come and run it with me. It's a lovely atmosphere, 3 laps through the christmasy old town, with lots of crowds.