Moody Monday

I couldn't get out of my own way today, as my Grandma would say. Told mr.ncot I would stay an extra hour at work to finish some budget stuff, then was still there at nearly 10 pm :-(

But came home to find my invites had arrived, so that cheered me up - now just need to send them!

Simple Sunday

Today I have been mostly....
- having a lie in (of sorts, well to 0900 anyway!)
- taking Markus to an all day birthday party - result!
- Having a massage at Vintage massage (exquisite pain and pleasure, thanks Tatiana!)
- getting some groceries at the main railway station
- working in the office for a few hours
- cooking aubergine bake (it went down with mixed results, the boys picked out the aubergine!)
- blogging
- oh, and having a sneaky coffee and read in Stauffacher Starbucks!

the aubergine bake, it was delicious!

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Wintery Uetliberg Walkies with Ole & Entourage

Boys were very excited today but the prospect of a proper long walk with Ole the dog and of course, Caroline! We got to top of Uetliberg with train by 1430 and got to Felsenegg restaurant at about 1645, with the last of the light!

It was properly cold with a few flakes of snow, but the sun for the most part was shining, and towards the end we got some lovely photos with the sunset. M & P took turns to hold the lead and Ole, and we found all the planets!

We had a lovely fondue at the restaurant and Caroline gamely joined in with our favourite game "I'm thinking of an animal" - the boys are really opening up to her. They loved seeing her photos of her holidays and adventures. We all got home, nicely tired and ready for supper and bed!

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Countdown to the Weekend, thanks to a colleague, a cardboard box & some creativity!

I love my office and workplace, my desk neighbour took it upon himself today to make sure that I left on time at 5pm, mostly because i had to pick up the boys and their friend from after school care and I was convinced I was going to forget. So convinced was I, than I even wrote the name of third boy on my hand as a reminder.

Anyway, here's his creative countdown, which properly made me laugh out loud in the middle of a conf call.

He then set off a siren on his phone when it turned fine, and stood at my desk until I packed up :-) Plus I got a cup of coffee and some chocolate when I was flagging with 2 hours to go!

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Slippers, Old & New

There is nothing nicer than a pair of fluffy inside, sturdy outside Birkenstock slippers! I've been shuffling round the flat in my old slippers, dreaming of a new pair, and here they are!

in other news, got a lovely email from my Aunty Sharon together, who is just about to go to South Africa for a few months volunteering. She is in her mid seventies and I hope I have half her verve when I'm that age!

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Briliant Day & Babysitting!

Today I actually managed to take my 90% day off work (excepting about an hour's work at the end of the day). I can't believe what a difference a day off makes! I took boys to school, then when I got back when back to bed and slept a few hours. Pottered around the flat, did some laundry. Read my book. cooked my lunch. Cooked my supper - a lovely potato and courgette omlette since you're asking..... - and generally ticked a few tasks off my personal to do list.

This evening i've been babysitting for best Zurich mate Kerry - nice to finally be able to do her a favour. Her kids went to bed beautifully! And now I'm sitting on their sofa, drinking tea and blogging. BLISS.

Snapshot of the day is the lovely snowflake cut off Kerry's daughter did for me :-)

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Lucky der Gecko, Part II

The book "Lucky der Gecko" has sat on our bookshelf unread since Sept 2016 and then just last week Patrick discovered it and has since fallen in love with the story. Every night we sit together and he reads me a new chapter. His German is coming on leaps and bounds - I am a very proud Mama!

Tonight the reading was visited by my magnetic gecko (who normally lives undisturbed on the filing cabinet) and has now been renamed "Lulu" by Patrick!

Click here for part 1 of the "Lucky der Gecko" story. I love my bookworm boys!

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Palmer Party Planning!

I have been promoted to the Palmer Family Party Planner!

My Mum and Dad will have been married (what tense is that? love english!) 50 years on 21st March 2020, so we are having a small party to celebrate. I've found a Bristol hotel, paid the deposit and today have just sent the invites for printing, courtesy of moo.com. Now i just have to find all the addresses, post the invites and plan the food choices. My sister is on entertaining the kids and making the cake. Not sure what we're going to delegate to "little bruv" yet :-)

My parents on the day, and yes, that it is a guard of honour made up of motorbike exhaust pipes!

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The Springer Spaniel who came to Sunday Lunch...

The Boys are now officially besotted wtih Ole the Spaniel. They were delighted with his repetoire of tricks - Paw! High Five! Kisses!
And the walk to the lake was full of negotiations, as to who could hold the lead and for how long.

Patrick was particularly pleased with his dog walking / trotting skills and he even managed the Sit! command with some success with Ole. By end of walk Dog and Boys all suitably worn out :-)

What a lovely way to spend a sunny wintery Sunday afternoon!

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