Lucky der Gecko, Part II

The book "Lucky der Gecko" has sat on our bookshelf unread since Sept 2016 and then just last week Patrick discovered it and has since fallen in love with the story. Every night we sit together and he reads me a new chapter. His German is coming on leaps and bounds - I am a very proud Mama!

Tonight the reading was visited by my magnetic gecko (who normally lives undisturbed on the filing cabinet) and has now been renamed "Lulu" by Patrick!

Click here for part 1 of the "Lucky der Gecko" story. I love my bookworm boys!

Blog Blast from the Past: Weekend on Lake Lugarno, April 2018

Palmer Party Planning!

I have been promoted to the Palmer Family Party Planner!

My Mum and Dad will have been married (what tense is that? love english!) 50 years on 21st March 2020, so we are having a small party to celebrate. I've found a Bristol hotel, paid the deposit and today have just sent the invites for printing, courtesy of Now i just have to find all the addresses, post the invites and plan the food choices. My sister is on entertaining the kids and making the cake. Not sure what we're going to delegate to "little bruv" yet :-)

My parents on the day, and yes, that it is a guard of honour made up of motorbike exhaust pipes!

Blog Blast from the Past: - Walks with Kerry - Horgen (april)

The Springer Spaniel who came to Sunday Lunch...

The Boys are now officially besotted wtih Ole the Spaniel. They were delighted with his repetoire of tricks - Paw! High Five! Kisses!
And the walk to the lake was full of negotiations, as to who could hold the lead and for how long.

Patrick was particularly pleased with his dog walking / trotting skills and he even managed the Sit! command with some success with Ole. By end of walk Dog and Boys all suitably worn out :-)

What a lovely way to spend a sunny wintery Sunday afternoon!

Blog blast from the past: Portugal, Oct 2019

The Friday Finish Line!

No one in this family has enjoyed the first week back at school / work. Mr.ncot was sick a couple of days. I worked from home on Weds. But we made it through and it's now a good feeling to have made it to Friday evening!

And the snapshot of the day is my desk calendar, "schenked" to me by one of my team members. Each month, the flowers grow! Most likely photos to follow each month :-)

Blog Blast from the Past: Wroclaw, May 2018

Crazy Thursday

Today was one of those day where you have non-stop meetings and you get fed up of talking and hearing your own voice drone on and on!

Luckily I rescued myself at lunch time and went for a quick half hour walk in the winter sun, looked at the long shadows, listened to a good podcast and sat on a bench to eat my turkey bagel. #simplepleasures

Also grateful for my team members, who took one project each off my workload, to give me some breathing space...

blog blast from the past: Portugal holiday in Sagres, October 2018
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State of Bedside Book Mountain

It's been a day of running around, picking up youngest son, getting to Dr on time, cooking, trying to have conf calls from home, whilst negotiating ipad time..... and then reading with both boys separately, in German with youngest and English with eldest....

To cheer myself up, snapshot of the day is the eclectic book selection that has made it to the bedside table, DVDs and one of my precious Christmas Terry's Chocolate Orange haul :-)

Blog Blast From the Past: Uetliberg with Pat, Sept 16 2018

King for the Day!

It's the Feast of the Epiphany, which means my team in Poland got the day off work, and we had cake for breakfast ("Dreikönigskuchen).

Markus found the little King and got the crown. He did however graciously give his subject (me) the little king as a keepsake!

And I have finally updated the snapshots for 2019 - what a great year we had! How blessed I am...