Resolutions Feb - March 2021

February and March have been really busy work months adn a lot going on with family, but i've mostly stayed on track...

1. Use NOOM for a year to lose weight gradually - I've a had a few days where I havenn't logged food. BUT, I have been cooking loads more and really experimenting wtih recipes and vegetarian ones. Have lost 4.5 kg since start of year :-)v

2. Run each day (or walk / yoga etc): Yes, lots of walking, need to do more yoga, and want to start running, but I have been getting out each day, sometimes for several walks! Keeps me sane....

3. Blog once a week: More than!! loads of writing going on, am really proud of myself. Jan (9), Feb (20), Mar (22)!!

Oh, and I've been reading lots, Jan (6), Feb (10) & Mar (7)

Clocks Spring Forward

Thanks goodness that the clocks have now sprung forward!
We can smell Spring and hopefully look forward to some more freedom this summer...

Went for a walk to end the week, 8pm and still light, with a glorious sunset. 30 mins which restored my balance!

This weeks's blogs.....
* I love Switzerland!
* Easter in Zurich (2019)
* Easter at home (2020)
* 15 years of HBR and some career nostalgia

and I made a new "big blog to do list" which is now somewhat shorter to motivate me :-)

The slightly shorter "big blog to do list"

The list to rule all lists and to help me fill in the gaps! Just 2019 and 2020 to update now....

Uetliberg walk March
My Birthday
Alan's Birthday
update GCP
Staycation July 2020
Uetliberg Walk August
Walks with Caroline and ole inc F&B, Wildnispark etc
1st August celebration
Becoming Swiss
Bristol July
Engelberg August
Patrick Birthday
Patrick Birthday Party
Markus Birthday
Markus Birthday Party
Arosa Oct
Uetliberg Walk Nov
M&P Update for 2020

May day on the uetliberg: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/986730.html
June in Luzern: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/987099.html
Airport Adventures with Markus: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/988231.html
LT Summer Forum: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/988654.html
Patrick Birthday: Patrick Birthday 2019: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/988962.html
Patrick Birthday Party: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/988770.html
Markus Birthday
Markus Birthday Party
Summer holiday in uk
Greifenseelauf with Sal
Wroclaw Week
eLN conference
London and Brussels visit
M&P Update for 2019

15 Years of HBR and some career nostalgia

I've spent the last weeks clearing my office space... it's been a rollercoaster ride down memory lane. And since we could only have one box moved, lots of my "stuff" came back to our small flat.
This weekend I have been sorting out :-)

I had HBR magazines from 2006 to the present day, some read, some not. The only way I could get ride of them was to photograph each cover and make an index for myself! It is exhausting being me, with my need to categorize, link and retain everything.... Anyway, I have access to all the digital versions from 2012 in the HBR mobile access app, plus the website contains all the magazine articles from 1956 onwards!. My HBR subscription has supported my through starting working in Switzerland, 2 maternity leaves, promotions, taking over a team.

The massive pile of magazines was finally distributed.... I kept a few sentimental copies, Alan chose a few, I gave 2018-2020 to a work friend and then on Saturday struggled to Bücher Brocky with 2006-2017!! But they now all have a new home adn hopefully new readers, and I felt MUCH better to have let go of the stack!

Today I also went through the stack of paperwork and memories that I brought back from work. Cleared up and/or recycled. And now I feel ready for whatever my job brings next!!

The HBR visual index :-)
HBR 2006 | HBR 2007 | HBR 2008 | HBR 2009 | HBR 2010 | HBR 2011 | HBR 2012 | HBR 2013 | HBR 2014 |
HBR 2015 | HBR 2016 | HBR 2017 | HBR 2018 | HBR 2019 | HBR 2020 |
HBR 2021 |

I love Switzerland!

We Swiss are just so polite! The window was open and I just did an enormous sneeze. Some guy cycling past the window yelled "Gesundheit!", to which of course I yelled back "Danke!"

Just made me laugh during a busy, stressful day working at home! :-)

And the week ended

It's been an emotional week, packing up and saying goodbye to the office building that I've worked in for the past 13 years, and the same office space for the past 6 years. So many memories.
Pre Covid we spent so much time there, my office space was like a second home. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and a separate meeting table behind my desk, plus 2 big cupboards. It took a lot of clearing out and it's been quite nostalgic.
Goodbye Uetlihof part 1 & part 2 and Hello Bederstrasse Aug 2008!

We're moving to a new office with hot desking in the trendy part of town close to the main station. A little bit further away, but still an easy commute ie 15 minute cycle or slightly longer walk. Everyone is a bit apprehensive about the hot desking concept though... In the meantime my "office" at home is getting there, since we shall have several more months working from home, then a different split working model. I bought a much larger screen, the office chair is on order and I now have a small whiteboard and kanban board! Plus I finally figured out how to have a virtual background on Zoom showing my real bookcases!

In other news, lots of blog post this week:
*More than a year of Lockdown
*April 2020 Lockdown
*May 2020 lockdown
*Easter Bunny
*Label maker
*Panel pins

More than a year of lockdown...

We're over the year "anniversary" of the world going in to lockdown. Switzerland has been in and out of different types of lockdown, but we have been incredibly lucky that schools have been open since last June. Mr.ncot got covid, but it was really mild and he recovered.

This article (written end of last year) is thoughtful and doesn't skip the difficult questions. It asks the question - what have we lost and what will we change as we move forward and as the world gets vaccines.

The last year for me has been about different types of loss. Mum & Dad declining rapidly due to lockdown. Me grieving my youth and fertility - now stuck in middle of peri-menopause - trying to be active, trying to lose weight, but battling with stress, backache. Members of my team leaving. Being stuck at home in a very small flat. Spending 24 hours a day in the same room. Feeling old and grumpy and sad.

But lockdown has had a positive side. I've found a yoga routine for the morning. We've spent more time with the boys and have loved seeing their creativity and sense of play develop. We baked and cooked more together. We get out and walk a lot, even if it's only 20 mins down the river and back. I'm closer to my siblings, due to regular weekly zoom calls about our parents, but we've had lots of important conversations about how we're feeling. My team expanded and have coped well with WFH.

And if I look at my daily snapshots for 2020 and 2021, they remind me that we have a choice. We can celebrate the small wins and be grateful for the fact that we are healthy, that we have our jobs and our flat.
My daily snapshots since 2005 help me to record and remember these small and big things and they are huge source of inspiration and comfort to me....

My Mum shows up everywhere

I've been struggling recently - I'm losing my Mum and am so sad that i can't bring her voice to mind, or really remember her how she was.

And yet she keeps "showing up" when I least expect it.

Today I was searching for nails in our "put all the odds and ends in the box" box.... And i found this...

What a flashback - I laughed out loud! Her handwriting on an old Kodak film pot!

She was the ultimate recycler long before it became trendy and these pots were put to a variety of uses. It was always a bit hit and miss what you'd find when you opened one....
20p or £1 coins for parking. Nuts and dried fruit for snacks. And in this case, panel pins.

Thanks Mum, this was just what I needed today.... :-)