Resolutions Update Jan 2020

1. Log my food with the SHYE coach app - nope, but on the good side, i have been cooking from scratch more!
2. No Drinking at home, option to have a drink if I am out with others - nope have been drinking at home, but not as much as before, weekends only
3. Exercise each day - run / walk / yoga / physio exercises / 7min Workout - have been cycling to work each day, but not enough other exercise as yet
4. Blog once a week at least - have blogged every day, and have written up many missing blogs from 2017 - 2019!
5. Read 100 books - 6 read, 2 behind schedule
6. Take the Take the Neil Gaiman MasterclassNeil Gaiman Masterclass - not yet


And then it was Sunday again...

I cannot believe it is the end of another week, the time is flying by. Today i have been cooking, doing the laundry, planning next week, chasing down addresses for the final invites, doing more laundry, sorting the finances. I did get a quick sit down with a nice cup of tea, to finish reading this month's Flow magazine (love it!) and Markus and I finished reading "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" together - we loved it! Now finishing up blogs then time for bed!


We visit Ole Sunshine at home!

Great excitement today as we got on train, then bus to visit Caroline and Ole at their home!

Thankfully the boys are now calling Caroline "Caroline", instead of "that lady" or "The lady with the dog!"

She earnt many brownie points for supplying hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top!

the boys had a blast playing with Ole and his many, many toys, most of which squeaked! Then they played "balance the soft toy on top of the dog"!

Many cuddles and photo opportunities. Boys very impressed by all the rooms in the house and the fact there was a garden and balconies!

We braved the weather and had a half hour walk. It didn't rain, we met the geese down the road, heard the cows, saw some calves and stoppd Ole rolling in the cow pats!!

And then it was feeding time. Patrick pretended to be a puppy and was rewarded wtih some raw carrot, just like Ole! The non-canine members ate a scrumptious lasagne!!

Golden Envelopes

It feels as though I am sending out golden tickets to the Chocolate Factory, but in fact it's just the finished invites winging their way out to guests for my parents' party in March!


Blogs, Bikes and Book-keeping

Well, not quite bookkeeping - I cheated, I was struggling for the 3rd B!
But "book-keeping" in the sense of sorting out our finances and doing the family admin!

It's been a busy day, boys have been alternately playing nicely together then fighting! took Patrick for a short bike ride to burn off some energy and I'm now about to put on Bangers and Mash, before going into work for a few hours. Hmm... not sure I've quite balanced my work and life yet.

Posing for (the now fairly rare) monthly photos! A blog on these to come...

Patrick out and about on his bike

Playing and Posing at Pokemon!

Blog blast from the past: LT Conference 2019
alan and helen ice

A rare night out!

Thanks to my lovely friend Kerry, and her kind favour of babysitting for us, Alan and I had a rate night out. We went to one of our favourite spots for dinner, people watched, ate, drank, talked about our plans for the year... then we tried to go somewhere for a night cap, but both bars were jammed and very loud, so we did the middle aged swerve and went home instead! On the plus side, we walked through the old town in the mist and reminded ourselves that are so lucky and happy to live in Zürich!

Blog blast from the past: Derby Visit 2019