Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Running and Walking in 2020

In 2020 I tried a different tactic - I did some running, but I did a lot of walking, daily during lockdown and lots of walks with the boys - another post on that here
As as you can see below I was slower, but covered lots of kms!

2020 Running
No of Runs: 89
Total Distance: 203.64 km
Run Time: 40:57:47
Avg Distance: 2.29 km
Avg Run Time: 27:37
Average Pace:  12:04/km

2020 Walking
No of Runs: 74
Total Distance: 197.83 km
Run Time: 50:38:53
Avg Distance: 2.67 km
Avg Walk Time: 41:04
Average Pace:  15:22/km

No of Runs: 47
Total Distance: 109.50 km
Run Time: 17:46:27
Avg Distance: 2.33 km
Avg Run Time: 22:41
Average Pace:  9:44/km

No of Runs: 12
Total Distance: 41.17 km
Run Time: 7:11:44
Avg Distance: 3.43 km
Avg Run Time: 35:59
Average Pace: 10:29/km

No of Runs: 12
Total Distance: 39.18 km
Run Time: 5:55:39
Avg Distance: 3.26 km
Avg Run Time: 29:38
Average Pace: 9:05/km

No of Runs: 25
Total Distance: 124 km
Run Time: 18:53:47
Avg Distance: 4.77km
Avg Run Time: 43:36
Average Pace: 9:09/km

No of Runs: 42
Total Distance: 217.68 km
Run Time: 27:05:33
Avg Distance: 5.18km
Avg Run Time: 38:42
Average Pace: 7:28/km
Tags: health, running

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