Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I'm ready!

The palmers are now here and I'm already exhausted. Yesterday was completely manic...

* Went to Migros and bought all the meat and cheese
* Baked Zimtsterne
* Cleaned Bathroom
* Went for hair cut
* Did last minute shopping in town including wedding anniversary pressies for Alan and a new sofa cover
* Cleaned living
* Cleaned study
* Cleaned Bedroom
* Decorated living room
* Iced Zimtsterne
* Changed and made myself presentable (I now fit into my jigsaw pair of size 12 jeans!!)
* Dropped off advent calendar book at Hauptbahnhof
* Rushed to airport for 20.35, but they didn't come through until about 21.10

There were loads of people at the airport waiting for Christmas visitors! It reminded me of the start of Love Actually where the Hugh character talks about how he loves to people watch at Heathrow :-) Zurich's great because it has glass walls so you can see people walking from the baggage reclaim. It was great fun trying to match up the arrivals with the waitees...

But they finally arrived and we got home without mishap. Mum brought lots of extra bits of food, they went mad in Duty free (2 bottles of whisky, one sherry, one baileys) and the fridge and every cupboard space is now filled. We had mince pies, Zimtsterne and mulled wine last night and then we all went to bed...

Tags: christmas, family, guests

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