Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions Feb - March 2021

February and March have been really busy work months adn a lot going on with family, but i've mostly stayed on track...

1. Use NOOM for a year to lose weight gradually - I've a had a few days where I havenn't logged food. BUT, I have been cooking loads more and really experimenting wtih recipes and vegetarian ones. Have lost 4.5 kg since start of year :-)v

2. Run each day (or walk / yoga etc): Yes, lots of walking, need to do more yoga, and want to start running, but I have been getting out each day, sometimes for several walks! Keeps me sane....

3. Blog once a week: More than!! loads of writing going on, am really proud of myself. Jan (9), Feb (20), Mar (22)!!

Oh, and I've been reading lots, Jan (6), Feb (10) & Mar (7)
Tags: books, health, resolutions, writing

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