Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Gadgety Gadgets!

My Name is Helen and I am a gadget girl / addict, with a delayed sense of gratification....
I've only just finished setting up and getting data saved onto my new shiny, foldy HP spectre 360 laptop (which I bought more than a year ago and lived under my bed in it's box). I do have a serious problem. It partly took so long because one drive kept playing up and not syncing my data, so in the end, I started the laptop set up again and used Google drive. But now I have all my data backed up and safe on both the laptop and in google and on 2 removable hard drives.

My previous HP laptop was bought in August 2016, but of late has been getting very slow and hot.

The new HP laptop is bendy and turns into a tablet and it's very lightweight and it has a pen!
Unboxing of new HP spectre 360

Other "recent" techie fixes were the iphone and the new ipad pro.

My faithful iphone7, which I've had since Feb 2017, stopped receiving calls in October 2020, just as we had to quarantine becuase of mr.ncot and covid, so not great timing.

So I quickly bought a second hand red iphone XR from Revendo.ch - here's the iphone family :-)

New to me (aka second hand phone from Revendo) and my iphone family (iphone 4 / iphone 7 / iphone XR)

And finally my old ipad was bought in was bought in 2014, so that's a 6 year life!
Here's the unboxing of my new iPad Pro 2020!

And this was a weekend where I think I was faffing around with the whole family of tech!
Tags: gadgetgirl, happy, treats

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