Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 51: Holiday Thoughts

As requested, this week’s homework is a light one. Pick one or more of the following to write on. If you do not celebrate the holidays, feel free to write on any special memory from this time of year, or other favorite tradition.

1) What do you want for Christmas? Why? If you could have anything, what would it be?
2) What is your favorite holiday memory?
3) How do you celebrate the holidays? Do you have a favorite tradition?

I have so many good Christmas memories! It’s been so interesting reading about other people’s traditions. As a child, the highlight of the day was opening our stockings in our parent’s bedroom, we’d all crowd in and fight for the best place in the bed (ie not at the foot end without any blankets!) This tradition continued until we were really far too old (or rather, I was too old!) for this. My parents very sensibly made a distinction between the stockings presents which were small and came from Father Christmas, and their main presents which we would open before going to Church. All other presents had to wait until after lunch and until after the Queen’s speech!

Our stockings presents were great though. Always a satsuma in the bottom, lots of nuts and chocolate money. Plus lots of silly things, like hats, deely-boppers, things that flew, jokes and a few useful things like stationary. And the stocking would always feel really heavy because my Mum (who is nothing if not thrifty) would always manage to get a 3 for 2 bubble bath offer at Boots! So we’d always have a MrMatey in there somewhere.

One Christmas, Chris (2nd child) told Kate (youngest child) that Father Christmas didn’t exist. And since Kate was still young enough to ‘believe’, I felt it my sisterly duty as eldest to rectify the situation. Hence, the whole family (ie me, brother, sister) wrote letters ‘apologising’ to Father Christmas for our non-belief! Oh, I was a nightmare-ish bossy big sister :-) Since we’ve all grown up, Christmas has got more staid and boring.

Last year we were all in Bristol (see photo). And this year Chris and Jenn are celebrating with her family in Canada, whilst Mum, Dad and Kate are coming here. I’m “doing Christmas”. For those non-british readers, to “do christmas” doesn’t just mean to play host. It means that you are the host with the most, responsible for all the food, booze, christmas cake, christmas pudding and entertainment. You are also indirectly responsible for mediation during the inevitable family arguments! This is my first time (I’m a christmas hostess virgin!) and I feel as though I’ve finally grown-up :-)
Christmas, I love it!

Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2006 to all my friends and livejournal :-)
Thank you for your friendship, support and comments since May this year!
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