Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

And the week ended

It's been an emotional week, packing up and saying goodbye to the office building that I've worked in for the past 13 years, and the same office space for the past 6 years. So many memories.
Pre Covid we spent so much time there, my office space was like a second home. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and a separate meeting table behind my desk, plus 2 big cupboards. It took a lot of clearing out and it's been quite nostalgic.
Goodbye Uetlihof part 1 & part 2 and Hello Bederstrasse Aug 2008!

We're moving to a new office with hot desking in the trendy part of town close to the main station. A little bit further away, but still an easy commute ie 15 minute cycle or slightly longer walk. Everyone is a bit apprehensive about the hot desking concept though... In the meantime my "office" at home is getting there, since we shall have several more months working from home, then a different split working model. I bought a much larger screen, the office chair is on order and I now have a small whiteboard and kanban board! Plus I finally figured out how to have a virtual background on Zoom showing my real bookcases!

In other news, lots of blog post this week:
*More than a year of Lockdown
*April 2020 Lockdown
*May 2020 lockdown
*Easter Bunny
*Label maker
*Panel pins
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