Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My Mum shows up everywhere

I've been struggling recently - I'm losing my Mum and am so sad that i can't bring her voice to mind, or really remember her how she was.

And yet she keeps "showing up" when I least expect it.

Today I was searching for nails in our "put all the odds and ends in the box" box.... And i found this...

What a flashback - I laughed out loud! Her handwriting on an old Kodak film pot!

She was the ultimate recycler long before it became trendy and these pots were put to a variety of uses. It was always a bit hit and miss what you'd find when you opened one....
20p or £1 coins for parking. Nuts and dried fruit for snacks. And in this case, panel pins.

Thanks Mum, this was just what I needed today.... :-)
Tags: memories, pp

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