Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer


What a month it's been. We were so sad to have to cancel Mum and Dad's party, and then less than a week later, we all went into lockdown. It's been tough, but I feel there's been some ups as well.

I learnt that even though i'm an introvert, I miss my office friends. It took us a couple of weeks to find our routine, but we've settled into it now. Here's the month in pictures.

First we planned....

Then we made a kanban board that worked much better!

It took a while to get our workplaces setup,

but wzen we finally did get comfortable, then the work got done!

There was a burst of creativity, ukelele playing, juggling, knitting and oh so cliched, bread making, but it was delicious and it gave me something to do.

There was a lot of reading going on....

...and of course there were some good memes.

Tags: family, memories

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