Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Love is....

I just read this brilliant Guardian article called "Love is turning a blind eye to squashed tea bags that don't make it to the bin" - this could have been written by mr.ncot about me! It's about the habits each one of us have, that drive the other to distraction, so here we go...

I made endless cups of tea, let them go cold and leave the teabags in teh sink, even thought the bin is right there, under the sink!
I will use most of the pans whilst cooking and i don't clear up as I cook
I fail to eat the bagged salad and it sits at the bottom of the fridge, wilting away

Mr.ncot's worst crime is not flattening the cardboxes properly, he just stands on them and they don't lie flat in the recycling box and when I got to tie up the cardboard (in the prescribed swiss way!) I have to properly reflatten them, and it makes me full on crazy...

So what are your worst habits?
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