Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Wobbly Week

I has been a week of wobbles, highs and lows, and I am really feeling the after effects this weekend...

Wobble no 1
Work has been bat shit crazy busy. I have one team member out sick and it's the peak time of our year, since we're working on 3 rollouts in parallel. In a month or so it will ease, but at the moment I am doing 12 hour days and have been since the start of the year. I am exhausted. And we're moving office, so I spent half of Friday trying to declutter, after being at same desk for 6 years!!!

Wobble no 2
It's been a nerve wracking week as we have managed the process of getting Mum and Dad into the same care home. It's gone well, but there's been a lot of emotion. I am dreaming so much of Mum at the moment. I am struggling to remember memories during the day, but then my subconcious pulls every thing up at night

Wobble no 3
After my Friday massage, my back and sciatica are still playing up. I was cycling home and saw Alan, so slowed down to ride along side him. Then suddenly managed to lose my balance and topple off my bike in slow motion. I really banged my shoulders back and legs and now have 2 massive bruises on my lower right leg. It hurt... This is my call to action - last time I got clumsy and fell off my bike, it was during a really stressful time at work and I was then signed off sick with stress. I have to stop wobbling...
Tags: family, health, work

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