Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Love is...

Working as a sibling team (go Palmers!) to get Mum and Dad into the same care home, despite Covid. We rocked the WA group and have each gotten a speciality!! It's worth saying that I have now been nicknamed "Orgzilla" by my brother and sister, can't imagine why :-)

We synchronized vacchines, COVID tests, got Dad 2 weeks respite care, had a huge bit of luck in that the home suddenly had another room available, booked a private ambulance, crossed our fingers and were a little anxious...

My Mum has been bouncing between hospital and Bristol care home since mid December. Her dementia is so advanced and phone calls were just not helping anyone. We were so worried that she would feel abandonded.
Dad has been on his own in the house (with a carer) since mid December and to be honest, hasn't really take in how frail and unwell Mum is.

Chris managed to see Dad yestrday on his birthday, in the visitors pod (aka portacabin in the care home car park!) and managed to skype me in. We handed over presents and contraband whisky! When Chris told Dad that Mum woudl finally be arriving tomorrow, Dad said he "had butterflies" about seeing Mum again.

We were a bit anxious as to how Mum would manage the journey and whether Dad would be upset when he realized how unwell Mum is....
We all held our breath, then we got this text from the home, via my sister Kate...

"The meeting went really well - had all the nurses in tears. Dad was stroking Mum's face and mum was reaching out to hug Dad".
THey are coming up on 51 years married!

Love does conquer all, does conquer isolation and COVID.....
Tags: family, memories, pp

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