Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Finding Mrs P through random gadgety-gifts!

Having just written about the random gifts my mother has given me over the years, I was working on my @40 photo album this afternoon when I realized that I was using a Birthday gift from my Mum!

I was on my year abroad as a language student, teaching English in Aurich (north east bit of Germany). My Parents came over in the May for my birthday for a few days. At my birthday celebration tea with my adopted family, my Mum gave me this paper cutting set as a present. I remember the son of my host family saying to his Mum in German, "why is she giving her that as a present? And look at Helen's face, she doesn't seem too thrilled with it!"

In retrospect, it was a slightly leftfield present. But on the other hand, it lives in the top drawer of my desk (which holds all my crafty bits and pieces) and I use it a lot, even 25 years later! And when I used it today, I remember my Mum with love, that she gave me such a useful gadget. Maybe it's my Mum I get my gadgetgirl vibes from? My gadgets are usually electrictronic, whereas my Mum usually gave me kitchen knicknacks... but hey, it's probably genetic :-)

And in that moment of remembering, my Mum in all her wonderful randomness and care of me, shines through.
The hardest thing about Dementia is not only my Mum forgetting us, but the fact that I feel I can't trust my own memories any more. I can't bring to mind my Mum's voice. I can't remember that last time I had a proper conversation with her. I just can't remember and that's the hardest thing of all.

So every little snippet of remembering is to be treasured. Even if it's a paper guillotine!
Tags: family, gadgetgirl, memories, pp

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