Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My @40 Album

Back in 2013, I started my @40 Challenge - view my list of 40 Challenges here...
I got a lot done in that year, but not all of them. In the years since I've been picking off the remaining tasks

Today I'm claiming these 2 finished, in fact I've sort of combined them into one.
26. Create album for me about being 40 (mini cards and photo frame)
32. Create photo album of professional shoots

I now have a lovely photo frame of me above my desk!
The album is full of mini cards about me, many of which are from the family photo shoots.
So many lovely memories and friends and family! I am very grateful...

Here is the project in progress, click here for the entire album!

Tags: @40, family, friends, happy, treats

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