Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Cycling into Spring?

Today it was so mild and sunny, that it really smelt and felt like Spring. It's amazing how much of an impact that has on the soul :-) hard to believe there was snow in Zurich just 2 weeks ago!

P and I went for a cycle ride together, our normal lap to Fork and bottle, then back across the common land at the bottom of the Uetliberg. We grabbed refreshments to go from Starbucks at Sihlcity, then sat by the water and watched the river flow by.

In other news M and P worked together for several hours today creating a stopmotion film with their lego. It was amazing! Nearly a minute long with great effects, writing, sound and everything. Very proud of my creative boys!! And even more amazing that they collaborated and work so harmoniously together. Wonders will never cease!

Tags: creative, family, pmm, spring

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