Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A Year of Walks 2020

There were some bright (daily) spots in 2020. I escaped the flat and stress and pandemic by walking. Most days I did the 1.6km loop from my flat, long a stretch of the Sihl river and back. I walked, i listened to podcasts. In all weathers and all seasons. Early in the morning and late at night. Sometimes I walked the Uetliberg, or walked to the lake, but mostly it was my Sihl lap.

There is a certain joy and constancy in doing the same route. No brain power needed, no decision to make, just let you feet do the talking and walking. So many times (who am I kidding? every time!) I came home feeling better than when I left. Problems and ideas would resolve themselves in my mind.

And the boys often came wtih me, sometimes alone, mostly together. I never needed to talk, just needed to listen about the latest adventures or woes of Minecraft, or Zooba. And just occassionally a nothing conversation would turn into a something conversation - about money, how find a job, how they would live after leaving home, who they would live with, who they might love. And my heart would break a little, thinking of that day in the future. And we'd keep walking, and Patrick would hold my hand and hide it warm inside my pocket....

Never underestimate the wildness and wisdom of a good walk.

all my photos here....
Tags: family, health, zürich

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