Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I knew there was a name for me...

My Name is Helen and I am theist... and I often prioritease...

THEIST You might think that a ‘theist’ is one who holds a fundamental kinship with God. And that is indeed its first recorded sense back in the late seventeenth century. But the word has a secondary sense, one that might be more familiar in modern life. In this case the object of worship is not a divine deity, but rather a cup of something hot. Theism appears in only a single record in the Oxford English Dictionary, but for some of us that is enough reason to adopt it with immediate effect. There it is defined as ‘a person addicted to tea-drinking’, and is recorded as a label fondly used of himself by the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a noted lover of tea. For those who refuse to perform anything other than drinking tea while lounging in bed (see ‘hurkle durkle’, 27 July), another recent word may be of use: ‘prioriteasing’. (from "Word Perfect: Etymological Entertainment For Every Day of the Year" by Susie Dent)

And my nickname in the family ie HeP (Helen Elizabeth Palmer) - my Dad started this, then the family and of course Mr.ncot uses it and bestest pal Sal also.... I am a hippy at heart.. Hep Hep!

"They were the hepcats, first defined in Cab Calloway’s Cat-alogue: A ‘Hepster’s’ Dictionary: ‘A hep cat is a guy who knows what it’s all about.’ ‘Hip’ and ‘hep’ are developments of a nineteenth-century use of both words to mean ‘shrewd’, which is said to have come in turn from ‘Hep!’, the exhortation of the ploughman or driver urging his horses to ‘Get up!’ and get lively. From hepcat came the ‘hipster’ and, eventually, the ‘hippy’." (from "Word Perfect: Etymological Entertainment For Every Day of the Year" by Susie Dent)
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