Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

End of a weary week...

This week I have been suffering from a horrible cold and earache. Worked, but kept logging off for a nap or two during the week. The weather has been miserable (wet, grey, damp).
in positive news, I read a great book called "Voting Day" by Clare O'Dea , a fantastic read. My lovely friend Kerry sent me a postcard and teatowel hangers. Markus and I made the most yummy hummus ever. And there was some Friday evening family reading time on the sofa!

And I finally started the blog post series about the marvellous Mrs P aka my Mum! Blogs about missing my mum and the crunchies recipe. I also added a post about my tweets in 2020.

Tags: done, family, mgm, odds and sods

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