Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Goodbye, Hello, Good night rituals....

These are the snippets of daily family like, that I need to keep remembering...

For a while now, when the boys leave the house on their scooters for school, we have the following ritual

me: see you later Alligator
Them: in a while crocodile
And if I’m very lucky, P and I sing it in our own special way!

Returning home, I’m always the one who lets them in (my desk being closest to the front door)
Patrick always asks
Is Alan home?
Is Markus home?
Are you home?
Am I home?

And if I’m standing the wrong side of the door, then i have to jump back over the doorway, and say that yes, I am home

And on saying Goodnight, it goes like this
Night Night
Sleep tight
Hope the bed bugs
Don’t bite

And if they bite?
Bite them back!
Tags: family, memories, mgm, pmm

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