Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The story of the Crunchies recipe, aka the best Christmas Present Ever

The biscuits/flapjacks of the Palmer household were called "Crunchies". Mum would make at least one batch a week, and they were kept in the "dog bisuit box" - ie a red plastic square container, originally a "family circle" selection box. At some point the box had been used for dog biscuits (for Jibby, who died when I was 5 or so) and so the top of the box was now stuck over with dog biscuit labels ie "for strong teeth and gums"! And when you tasted the crunchies, this was fitting.

They were a flapjack biscuit, but teeth breaking rather than sweet and gooey. They were my Dad's staple supper! Mum would stand behind the (oh so 70s) biscuit bar making them - resting the mixing bowl on a bar stool out of sight. The recipe called for bicarb of soda, mixed with someone else, which led to the exciting finale of the biscuit making.... The overflowing saucepan of hot liquid ingredients being poured in to the dry ingredients before stirring and pushing into the baking tin!

Anyway, we've been half heartedly looking for the recipe the last couple of years. Mum of course is no longer able to provide any help with where to find the family treasure. When my sister KTP was down there at Christmas, we had the following WA exchange...
(KP my sister, HP me, CP my brother)

KP: Was looking for crunchy recipe but no luck so far
KP: scan of recipe
KP: There's Canadian cookies which looks like a similar recipe....
HP: No that's it!!!
HP: yay, best Christmas present ever!!!!
CP: But will they be the same? By which I mean wildly different in every batch - smiley face, crying with laugher face

In the midst of the pain of losing Mum, there's the joy of being close to my siblings, with a WA thread which contains info, jokes, planning, news

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