Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Brexit & Boots

Disaster in the nice cup of tea household - our pyramid pg teabag stocks are down to less than a day's drinking! Looked on coop@home - none to be found, so decided to go to the large Coop at Sihlcity after work, so far so good....

On the way, something weeird is happening with my snowboot. Feels really good. I bend down to investigate and the whole boot comes out of the sole! I stick foot back into sole, and carry on regardless. Finally admit defeat after nearly tripping myself up and stick the sole in the bag. There's now a 2cm difference and I limp my way comedically around Sihlcity.

Get to the random "expat / foreign foods shelf" to find this development of disasters - empty space where the tea bags should be! Brexit has truly come to pass. First they came for the weetabix, now the PG tips...

I buy in alternatives - was tempted by the combiation of Hyyge, nice packaging and rhubarb! Let's see- although going by past experience, it will smell nice but just taste of hot.

Finally I limp broken-hearted home, and find a bargain pair of new boots on Dosenbach and they will deliver during lockdown. However, knowing my luck, the ice and show will have cleared by then.
Tags: odds and sods

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