Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Advent, Advent

Just like last year, this Advent has not followed the normal pattern of Samichlaus train, Silvesterlauf etc. Not only because the boys are now getting too old for such high jinks, but also of course COVID has put a stop to a lot of our fun...

We've kept a few advent tradition - the advent candles (although we kept forgetting to light them) - and the homemade advent "calendar". I really didn't think that the boys would be up for this. But... I put out the stuff and came back into the living room to find my Christmas Elves hard at work :-) and they did get their Samichlaus sacks on the morning of Dec 6th -now that we're Swiss :-)

The boys and I were also busy making mince pies, christmas pudding, Christmas cake. And this year I was early with sending out christmas cards and presents to my team in Poland.

Oh, and I organized the annual Holiday Jumper competition again for work... I posed with our Ancestral Reindeer who lives in the hallway during the festive season. So all in all, a pretty good Advent. Roll on Christmas...
Tags: advent, christmas, family, memories

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