Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The 12 Treats of Christmas

1. Preparing for Christmas, Lighting the final Advent candle in the wreath

2. Matching testive tshirts

3. Coordinated Christmas socks for all the family!

4. Christmas Day Brunch, just the two of us....

5. ...and the worst family selfie ever before Christmas dinner!

6. The right gifts - Spa treats, a squishy seal, Poland Parcel of Plenty!

7. Even better gifts - made in school by the boys for us!

8. Squishy Seal for Patrick

9. and squashed together on the sofa family time!

10. Time to play with lego, Beyblades & dress up the cuddly toys

11. Time to read those brand spanking new books and

12. Time to enjoy mulled Wine and mince pies with a dear friend (even if sitting outside in the dark in the garden!

Tags: christmas, family, friends, memories, treats

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