Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2020, the year in pictures

Let's focus on the positives of this year :-) We became Swiss in October, after a nearly 2 year process and many bills to pay :-) We just have to get our Swiss ID cards and passwords. Swiss Family Palmer Moran is here! I had two eye operations at the end of September to remove cataracts in both eyes. The difference was immediate and I am so grateful for my now perfect sight!
Alan and I are both at our same jobs and survived home working together :-) We found our way eventually with home schooling, but were very happy when the boys went back to school in June - as were they! On the plus side, we did a lot of walks together, had time to bake together and we did lots of drawing with "draw with rob!"
We went skiing in Feb to our favourite resort Malbun, with Sal and her boys, and had a fabulous time with them - that luxury feels a lifetime ago. I managed a very quick trip to the UK in February before lockdown, then another flying visit July (in between lockdowns) to see my sister, her boys and my parents. As a family we did day trips around Switzerland in the school holidays, finishing with a long weekend in Engelberg and then spent a long weekend in Arosa in October. 

Like everyone else, we are celebrating Christmas at home alone, but probably with a few Zoom calls in there to catch up with family and friends. Alan and I will hit 20 years married on Dec 28th 2020 😊
And please enjoy our version of Dicken’s Christmas Carol….bah humbug indeed!

Jan:  Markus and Patrick meet Ole
Feb:  Three go skiing!
Feb:  Game time at Malbun
Feb: Helen and Sal in the mountins
Feb: Helen and Kate in Bristol
March: Lockdown and the home kanban board
April: Easter at home
April: Draw with Rob!
April: Walk with the boys
April: Zoom call with the class 
May:  Helen's Birthday haircut adn coffee!
June:  Wildlife park Langnau
June: Walk with Ole adn Caorline
July: Patrick's Birthday
August:  Day trip to Altdorf
August: On the Vierwaldstätter see
August:  Celebrating Aug 1st with Caroline
August: Zürich Lake, Swimming
August; Zürich Lake, kayaking
August: Weekend at Engelberg
Sept: Belated Birthday Party Markus
Sept: Another Walk with the Boys
October: Arosa weekend
November:  Uetliberg Woods
Nov: Making the Christmas Cake
Dec: Advent Calendars!
Tags: christmas, family, friends, memories, zürich

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