Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Skiing with Sal and the boys

Back at Malbun again, to "our" hotel Gorfion :-) We arrived Monday and left Friday, and this time Sal, Ish and Jay came too, Tues - Thursday, and stayed in a nearby hotel, but spent lots of time with us in the bar area next to the fire! We also had a meal altogether one evening, which was lovely!

Anyways, Markus and I had lessons booked again with Heiner, Patrick was resolute in not wanting to ski, so he hung out with Alan. I then arrange for Ish to join our lessons on skis, whilst Jay had a couple of lunchtime lessons with Heiner. I was worried about being really out of shape and not able to ski anymore, but I managed fine. Did yoga every morning when getting up, plus a quick swim each lunchtime to loosen up...
One morning I skived off my lesson, leaving all 3 boys with Heiner, and Sal and I went up the other side of the mountain for a beer and lunch, sit in the sun, then a gentle ski back down into the village. It was glorious!

There were lots of hot chocolates, and all the boys enjoyed playing games togehter. The adults enjoyed catching up and and drinking the odd glass of red wine together :-)

First morning warming up on the nursery slopes!

Lessons with Heiner

Helen and Sal escape for a Ski, some views and a Sneaky Beer....

Time for a sit down and a hot chocolate!

Apres Ski and a joint family meal!

Markus takes part in the visitors race, and comes fourth in a challenging group of bigger boys!

All our wonderful holidays at Hotel Gorion, Malbun!
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