Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Big Blog To Do List

The list to rule all lists and to help me fill in the gaps! Just 2019 and 2020 to update now....

LT conference and Bristol
Ski holiday with Sal and boys
Skiing at Flumserberg
Lockdown March
Lockdown April
May 2020 lockdown
Uetliberg walk March
My Birthday
Alan's Birthday
Easter at home
update GCP
Boys, Bikes & Transportation
Staycation July 2020
Uetliberg Walk August
Walks with Caroline and ole inc F&B, Wildnispark etc
1st August celebration
Becoming Swiss
Bristol July
Engelberg August
Patrick Birthday
Patrick Birthday Party
Markus Birthday
Markus Birthday Party
Arosa Oct
Uetliberg Walk Nov
M&P Update for 2020

Ski holiday Malbun
Skiing at Flumserberg
Easter in Zurich
Uetliberg May
Lucerne Weekend
Airport tour with M (ref 2018 trip of Patrick <a href="https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/940779.html">here</a>)
Patrick Birthday
Patrick Birthday Party
Markus Birthday
Markus Birthday Party
Summer holiday in uk
Greifenseelauf with Sal
Wroclaw Week
eLN conference
London and Brussels visit
M&P Update for 2019
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