Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Boys meet Bear....

The boys and I were so excited to finally meet up with Caroline and Ole on Saturday to visit the Wildnispark Langenberg! It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and spirits were high! M & P were so happy to play with Ole again - there was much negotiation needed as to who was holding him when.

Anyway... at the start of the park we met the mountain goats and the baby goats were just too bouncy and cute! The boys posed reluctantly wtih the bear mural...

We walk around the park, which was huge. Lots of stairs, slopes and running with dog! We did about 5K in total.

We ended up at the cafe for a break and were thrilled to meet the bear, who was getting his food lobbed in - carrots, apples, peppers!
I think Caroline and I were more excited than the boys, or the dog, was!

Back home with Caroline, Patrick found her Mummy / baby bear, and had to give them a cuddle!
The boys also learnt how to massage behind Ole's ears and to tickle his toes! There was also lots of squeaky toys, blanket pulling and nonsense - and that was just my boys.

Tags: family, friends, mgm, pmm, summer, zürich

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