Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Happy Birthday Me!

I had a lovely birthday, even in lockdown and felt very loved. Happy Everything indeed!
I got emails and skype messages from friends at work, a video from Kate the boys, loads of fb messages, and email from friends all over the globe.

The day started wtih flowers, glitter and home drawn Birthday cards from the boys. Then a text from a friend in UK sent me over to the local florist, to pick up her beautiful flowers to me! On the way there i bumped into a work friend, who was on his way over to me, to give me a bottle of bubbly :-)

Presents from siblings included books and this fantastic DVD from my sister - can highly recommend "RGB" the documentary! Plus this gorgeous skyline print of Bristol from my brother & family.

My boss sent me an ice-cream cake from Sprüngli, which was delicious! It was well packed and insulated, and the boys found the dry ice! Added bonus :-)

My team and work friends surprised me with a presentation on me in the afternoon during a global call, a Zoom call in the evening, and an Ember mug to keep my tea perpetually warm :-)

Tags: birthday, family, friends, happy

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