Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Normal life resumes?

Over the last few weeks, the lockdown measures have been easing in Switzerland. The first changes came end of April (hairdressers and massage therapists open, i made use of both!). Then from 11th May, all shops open (with certain conditions, plus restaurants). The boys have been at school part time now for 4 weeks. They go back full time on 8th June, but we will keep them out of childcare. I expect to be at work on a split basis from mid June. And then 5 weeks school holidays start 13th July :-)

This weekend we went out as a family for the first time since lockdown and had brunch at our favourite "Fork and Bottle" restaurant, at the base of the Uetliberg. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, we all rode our bikes out there. After brunch, Markus and I rode out a bit further, almost to Adliswil.

On the one hand, it feels good that the restrictions are easing, but there is still some unease and anxiety underneath....
Tags: family, happy, health, zürich
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