Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions Update, February 2020

1. Log my food with the SHYE coach app - Yes! Have been doing this consistently and have been cooking from the "WTF should I eat?" book
2. No Drinking at home, option to have a drink if I am out with others - nope have been drinking at home, but not as much as before, weekends only
3. Exercise each day - run / walk / yoga / physio exercises / 7min Workout - Yes! During ski holiday i did yoga each ady adn want swimming. Since then I have exercised each day - yoga, HIIT, dance, cycling!
4. Blog once a week at least - yes, weekly definitely, but less than January! 10 blogs in February - but a few to catch up on ie LT 2020 and Ski holiday
5. Read 100 books -11 read, 7 behind schedule. Need to get reading!
6. Take the Neil Gaiman Masterclass - not yet
Tags: resolutions

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