Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

We visit Ole Sunshine at home!

Great excitement today as we got on train, then bus to visit Caroline and Ole at their home!

Thankfully the boys are now calling Caroline "Caroline", instead of "that lady" or "The lady with the dog!"

She earnt many brownie points for supplying hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top!

the boys had a blast playing with Ole and his many, many toys, most of which squeaked! Then they played "balance the soft toy on top of the dog"!

Many cuddles and photo opportunities. Boys very impressed by all the rooms in the house and the fact there was a garden and balconies!

We braved the weather and had a half hour walk. It didn't rain, we met the geese down the road, heard the cows, saw some calves and stoppd Ole rolling in the cow pats!!

And then it was feeding time. Patrick pretended to be a puppy and was rewarded wtih some raw carrot, just like Ole! The non-canine members ate a scrumptious lasagne!!
Tags: friends, mgm, pmm, zürich

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