Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Blogs, Bikes and Book-keeping

Well, not quite bookkeeping - I cheated, I was struggling for the 3rd B!
But "book-keeping" in the sense of sorting out our finances and doing the family admin!

It's been a busy day, boys have been alternately playing nicely together then fighting! took Patrick for a short bike ride to burn off some energy and I'm now about to put on Bangers and Mash, before going into work for a few hours. Hmm... not sure I've quite balanced my work and life yet.

Posing for (the now fairly rare) monthly photos! A blog on these to come...

Patrick out and about on his bike

Playing and Posing at Pokemon!

Blog blast from the past: LT Conference 2019
Tags: family, zürich
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