Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day, as ever, started with leaving out drinks and food for Rudolph and Santa. I am amazed to say that the boys still firmly believe. And the Christmas Tree was up and decorated last weekend.

Opening the stockings was the best part of the day, as always. Father Christmas was particularly generous this year, with refurbished ipads, and funky novelty glasses!

There was lots of presenting opening, and lots of hugs, and a surprise boy present in a large gift bag!

We finally had some Christmas dinner and I also finished icing the Christmas Cake, cunning divided into 4 for me, kate, chris and kerry!

Then we had to find time to play with the ipads, and I even found a festive message of thanks left for me in the kitchen!

Tags: christmas, family

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