Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Wintery Uetliberg Walkies with Ole & Entourage

Boys were very excited today but the prospect of a proper long walk with Ole the dog and of course, Caroline! We got to top of Uetliberg with train by 1430 and got to Felsenegg restaurant at about 1645, with the last of the light!

It was properly cold with a few flakes of snow, but the sun for the most part was shining, and towards the end we got some lovely photos with the sunset. M & P took turns to hold the lead and Ole, and we found all the planets!

We had a lovely fondue at the restaurant and Caroline gamely joined in with our favourite game "I'm thinking of an animal" - the boys are really opening up to her. They loved seeing her photos of her holidays and adventures. We all got home, nicely tired and ready for supper and bed!

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Tags: family, friends, uetliberg, winter

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