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Berlin with the Witches!

Had an absolutely fab long weekend in Berlin with the Witches (Sal, Mags) and the honorary wizard (Amit). I've known my witches since I was 17 (Mags) and 19 (Sal). Last time I was in Berlin I was on a summer academic program at Bremen University and I came to Berlin for the weeekend - that was 1994. The time before that was 198, before the wall came down. I was in Hannover on my first ever language exchange as a 14 year old, and we did a day trip to Berlin! The coach rolled through what was then the DDR, and then into the "island" of West Berlin. It was so fascinating to be back.... Here's the highlights

We stayed in the very stylist Hotel Gat Point Charlie, which was just off Friedrichstrasse, just round the corner from Checkpoint Charlie. Such a treat to be without kids!

THe first day we went on a fantastic 4 hour walking tour, which showed us most of the centre of Berlin - the historical bit is the half that was East berlin! We covered so much and the tour guide was excellent!

We saw these Stolpersteine / Stumbling blocks everywhere. Very memorable.

There's not much wall left, a line along the road at checkpoint Charlie, a few stretches near one of the museums and the Holocaust memorial, and of course the Wall that has turned into an exhibition at the East Side Gallery.
The Wall (and "that" Kiss), Brandenberg Gate (East Side Gallery)

The first evening we walked through the Tiergarten and found a lovely cafe for our meal.

The highight was definitely our private tour of the Reichstag on the second day. It is truly the most iconic building. I had visited here in 1994, to see an exhibition of German past, but of course the dome wasn't there then. The view from the terrace at the top was quite extroadinary.

On my last day I went to the "West" side of hte city. Really grateful to visit the inspiring Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church again. I visited here last time as teenager adn I remember taking a photo of the Jesus statue inside, and winning a prize for it from the Exchange committee!

And then lunch on my last day with friend and colleague Jun, in her parent's restaurant! Lovely way to visit a perfect weekend!
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