Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Briliant Day & Babysitting!

Today I actually managed to take my 90% day off work (excepting about an hour's work at the end of the day). I can't believe what a difference a day off makes! I took boys to school, then when I got back when back to bed and slept a few hours. Pottered around the flat, did some laundry. Read my book. cooked my lunch. Cooked my supper - a lovely potato and courgette omlette since you're asking..... - and generally ticked a few tasks off my personal to do list.

This evening i've been babysitting for best Zurich mate Kerry - nice to finally be able to do her a favour. Her kids went to bed beautifully! And now I'm sitting on their sofa, drinking tea and blogging. BLISS.

Snapshot of the day is the lovely snowflake cut off Kerry's daughter did for me :-)

And on a related theme, here's today's Blog blast from the past: Uetliberg with Kerry & Kids
Tags: friends, odds and sods, zürich
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