Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Family Break on Lake Lugano

We just spent a fabulous family few days at the Family resort Parco San Marco, a lovely hotel and grounds on Lake Lugano, between Lake Como and Lugano. First issue? I thought we were still in Switzerland and we hadn't bought passports! Taxi crosses through a border toll booth and Alan wide-eyed whispers at me "We're in Italy! did you bring the passports?" Still haven't lived this one down!

Anyway this place had lovely views...

and plenty of hammocks

They had donkeys and kitchen staff who gave handed out carrots to all the kids (to give to the donkeys!)

There was a lake we (briefly) paddled in...and a swimming pool the boys (briefly, bravely) swam in!

And finally a zipwire, which provided hours of squeals, spills and squabbles!

Tags: family, holiday, travel
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