Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

SImply Sagres

After a completely crazy, stressful summer with a staycation, we're just back from a wonderful Herbstferien" in the Algarve, Portugal. The Marthinhal Resort Sagres has been in my "Holidays" browser folder for a couple of years, and we finally bit the bullet and did it.

This is the family hotel that I've been longing for since before my kids were born. Perfection. *Awesome sauce" as my boys would say. We stayed in a self catering villa in the hotel resort, with half board. 3 restuarants to choose from, or you could phone up and order and they'd bring the food round. A pool in our backyard, plus 3 other pools to choose from. A sandy, sloping, safe beach that we went to each day. And even though it was October, lovely warm weather and most days the sea was warm enough to swim in.

There was a village square with shop, bar, bouncy castle, kids playground and upstairs game room for the boys. A spa for me. Safe pavements to walk on. A wood of cork trees in the area behind our house. Just perfect. Most days we swam, or played on the beach. Our favourite pool was next to the tennis court and football pitch. Not very busy, had fun inflatables, and little cocoon like beds that you could curl up in and read stories to boys.

And we even did a few touristy trips. We explored the Sagres Lighthouse and the fort and also did a fantastic Jeep Safari at sunset, where we found a secret beach and stood on the cliff edge to admire an almost unbelieveable sunset.

I finally found peace, with the difficult year I've had, with myself, my worries, my health, my size. The sun on my skin calmed me. The time with Alan and the boys restored me.

We will be back.
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Tags: family, holiday, travel

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