Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Doh! I am such an idiot!

I couldn't work out why I was getting any emails into my Outlook inbox (since about yesterday afternoon). I kept hearing the new mail bleep and seeing the little yellow envelope in my system tray (Hurrah! New mails) but then couldn't see them. Very confused. So I repaired my inbox. Backed it up. Searched the Microsoft Knowledge base. Wondered whether the Microsoft automatic downloads from yesterday had changed something. And then I started testing. I sent myself mails from my Gmail. Same thing, email would ping then just not appear. And then I saw it. The email appeared briefly in the inbox then immediately disappeared. And then I remembered - check my rules. I have loads set up to try and combat the flood of spam.... And in my haste yesterday I had set up the following rule (I kid you not!)

When I receive email
From anybody
Permanently delete it
And don't tell me

DOH! As I said, I'm such an idiot *g* And this has only taken me half an hour to figure out (slaps forehead in exasperation)
Tags: odds and sods, rants

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