Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Walkies & Woofs!

The boys and I went for lovely wintery walk today with friend C who has just moved to Zürich with her dog Ole. Ole is a very energetic, cocker spaniel who happily pulled the boys along.
P "Mummy, his ears are so fluffy!!"

We walked about 3 km along the river Sihl, there was no whingy from boys or dog, and we ended up in a cafe in Langnau Gattikon for coffee (adults), juice & ice cream (boys), water and biscuits (dog!). On leaving friend C, boys were like "Mummy, when can we see Ole again?"
I think C may have doggy sitters set up for life!

Catching up with 2017
Summer holiday in the UK
Herbstferien in the UK
Tags: friends, mgm, pmm, winter, zürich

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