Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

In the Last Decade, I....

- Been with Mr.ncot, the love of my life, living in same flat in Zurich!
- Started the decade with the long awaited M, 4 months old - ended the decade with M & P, 10 years and 8 years old
- Read 674 books
- Wrote 1'142 blogs
- Worked at CS the whole decade, got promoted in 2015, changed roles, now global head for a team
- Travelled along the path towards Swiss citizenship
- Travelled alone and with family to UK, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal
- Seen the Palmer Family siblings thrive - hello to the newcomers of the last decade - Wayne, James, Tamsin, Aren,
- Seen my Parents live on a barge in Bruges, move from the big family home and settle in a smaller house nearby
- Kept running & ran the NYC Marathon in 2014!

What will the next decade bring?
Tags: memories

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