Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resolutions Update 2019

1. Continue with no drinking, but think about whether I want to try and moderate?  Stayed alcohol free until late summer, then did drink, but more moderately. still working on this next year
2. Running - 5K Frauenlauf in June, 10K Greifenseelauf in September. I walked the 10K in summer, ran through Jan and Feb, then lost the vibe
3. Blog regularly - catch up with 2017 and 2018 blogs, then find my rhythm Nope, never quite got into this year, but really missed it
4. Read 100 books - reading keeps me sane, I need more of it Yes yes yes, read 100 books, go me!
5. Seriously plan for Nanowrimo (Slow course, Masterclass, creative writing), paid formasterclass, haven't used it yet.

And as an outcome, I want to finally shed the excess weight (20kg) and run 500 kilometres. Sadly no and no.
Tags: resolutions

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