Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Love is...

...after 19 years (today!) of marriage, your man instinctively knowing what I want and what makes me happy - sometimes even better than I know!
Thanks mr.ncot for the journey so far, it's never boring with you and you still make me laugh. a few pics of us below, looking very young and fresh faced!

For Christmas, a gadget, aka a tea mug that pairs with my phone, and keeps the tea hot until the last sip. Useful for someone like me who makes multiple cups of tea and let us all of them go cold...
And for our anniversary, a big wrapped up box of Lush goodness, because a bubbly bath solves and soothes all ills...and a replay of one of my favourite posts, "the parable of the bath bombs"

Tags: family, mr.ncot
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