Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A different Advent this year

This year both boys declared (finally!) that Father Christmas didn't exist - which has meant that we've had a different sort of Advent and I've had to reset my expectations.

After many lovely years of travelling on the steam train to the forest to see Samichlaus, this year we didn't go.... but I did do the swiss tradition of sacks on the 6th Dec, plus a Saant Niklass contribution from Belgium!

And this last weekend we didn't do the Silvesterlauf (because we were all to exhausted), but we did decorate the flat together for Christmas, extra early! We also did a massive clear out of the boys room and did the charity shop drop off run. New bedrooms to come this week! I also marzipanned the cake and made the polish cake biscuits for the school staff presents.

And we had time to laze around :-)

Everything changes, I just need to remember to see the new traditions and enjoy them...
Tags: advent, christmas, family, memories

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