Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2017 in pictures

2017 has been busy - we're all still the same kindergarten / school / jobs as before and life is good.
Thanks to our visitors this year – Mags in June, Caro all the way from Australia in October. We went to the UK in July/August and caught up with my sister & Family, my brother & family, and our friends the Young Family. We went to London in October and met up with the Swetes, then onwards to Derby and Manchester. As is our advent tradition, we took the steam train into the forest to meet Santa and the following weekend, ran the Silvesterlauf through the old town. We are looking forward to a two week Christmas break in Zürich, with time to play, build lego, read a few books and get ready for 2018`!

1st row, left to right
Jan: Markus is King for the day
Feb: Catching up with my parents
Feb: Ski holiday champions
Apr: Fun down by the lake

2nd row, left to right
Apr: Easter with the Swetes
May: Trip to the UK with Sabine
June: Goodbye to the Swetes!
June: Mags comes for the weekend

3rd row, left to right
July: Patrick's 6th Birthday
July: UK Holiday
August: Markus' 8th Birthday
October: London

4th row, left to right
October: Caro comes to stay
November: LT awards in London
Dec: Silvesterlauf
Dec. Our Christmas Spirits!
Tags: family, friends, memories, zürich

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