Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2018 in pictures

2018 has been busy! Patrick left kindergarten and started school. Markus is in 3rd class and has a huge gang of friends. Both boys love playing football and Markus has joined a rubgy team. Alan is still at Educa, running a massive IT education project, and I am still at CS.

We spent our summer holiday in Switzerland and the boys and I had a camping trip with the Palmer gang in Derbyshire. In the autumn school holidays we got some sun and sea with a lovely family holiday in Portugal.

This advent Patrick and I took the steam train into the forest to find Santa.. Markus ran on his own for the first time in the Silvesterlauf though the old town., Patrick and I ran together.

1st row, left to right
Jan: Old Sofa
Jan: New Sofa
Feb: Sledging
Apr: Easter with the Swetes

2nd row, left to right
Apr: Boys with the Böög! (Sechseluute)
May: Helen, Mags, Sal, Amit in the Reichstag (Berlin)
June: Aunty Sharon pays a flying visit
July: Rugby Boys

3rd row, left to right
July: World Cup Fever
July: Camping in UK
August: Family holiday in Tessin
August: Patrick starts School

4th row, left to right
October: Portugal
November: Sal visits, trip to Rigi
Dec. Samichlaus & Steam Train
Dec: Silvesterlauf
Tags: family, friends, memories, zürich

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